New Concept Digital camera

Digital camera named WakuWaku. "Waku" means "frame", and "WakuWaku" is an onomatopoeia for a feeling of sensation or excitement in Japanese.
It's a digital camera embedded in a simple skeleton metal frame which enables to take photo of both the cameraman and the subject at the same time. By removing the viewfinder from the camera, WakuWaku realizes a completely new form of communication during the process of picture taking. It releases the relationship between the taker and the taken --- two people will be sharing and enjoying the experience of picture-taking on a whole different level. The photo taken come out in the form of two photo placed next to each other.
  WIRED NextFest  
  At the exhibition, we will provide a demonstration of actually cutting out the relationship between the two persons sharing the experience of phototaking. The dual photo taken by WakuWaku will be uploaded to the Blog via Wifi(Wireress) and displayed on the screen.  
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